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Who we are
XENIRO is a Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) consortium serving global Mobile Network Operators.

XENIRO’s solution enables operators to monetize XaaS (Anything as a Service) by leveraging 5G technology and assists them in curating an ecosystem that transforms 5G Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) infrastructure into a network of federated IoT "Digital Banks".
What is Edge Computing?
Edge Computing brings data processing power at the edge of the network, closer to the data source. The network edge analyses and processes the data directly instead of sending it to a remote cloud, allowing for performance gains and cost savings.

MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) is a natural development in the evolution of mobile base stations and the convergence of IT and telecommunications networking. It takes full advantage of the Operator’s infrastructure, enabling new possibilities to serve the Operator’s radio network and paving the way for new vertical business segments and services.
What is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)?
A DLT is a series of immutable blocks of data that is jointly managed by separate entities in a decentralized manner. Each new block of data is secured and bound to the others using cryptographic principles, establishing a trusted environment for network participants.

Some of the most prominent applications of DLT technology include fast and secure financial transactions and smart contract deployment, which enables task automation between intelligent devices.
What is XENIRO trying to solve?
As IoT devices are becoming more intelligent and automated, their number is expected to reach 20 billion+ by 2020, outnumbering human population by 4 – 1.

Current financial institutions lack the infrastructure to support Machine-2-Machine transactions. XENIRO’s 5G + MEC + DLT solution is the first of its kind that enables the orchestration and processing of Machine-2-Machine transactions at scale.
How does XENIRO empower Mobile Network Operators?
XENIRO’s DLT-based solution perfectly complements Operators’ infrastructure and enables monetization from Machine-2-Machine transactions. This new technology truly transforms MEC + 5G into “Digital Banks”.

XENIRO assists Mobile Network Operators and Enterprises in curating an ecosystem that transforms 5G Edge Computing infrastructure into a network of IoT "Digital Banks".
How does XENIRO empower Enterprises and dApp Developers?
The XENIRO platform offers an open-source development environment and an SDK to support developers in building decentralized applications (dApps) on top of Operators’ MEC infrastructure.

For Developers:
MEC provides a new ecosystem and value chain. Operators can open their Radio Access Network (RAN) edge to authorized third-parties, allowing them to flexibly and rapidly deploy innovative applications and services towards mobile subscribers, enterprises and vertical segments.

For Enterprises:
The key benefits of using XENIRO’s 5G + MEC + DLT solution:
  • High level of Trust among participants (Security, Identity and Privacy)
  • Improved Quality of Services (Device Interaction, Transaction, Performance, QoS)
  • Seamless User-Experience (Real-time, Tactile, Customized)
  • Transformation (Monetization, New Ecosystem, Industry collaboration, Standardization) in this next wave of technology evolution.
What does the XENIRO solution consist of?
The XENIRO solution is unique, a first in the industry that is focused on 3 integrated domains:
  • Snapscale – XENIRO’s Hybrid Distributed Ledger: articulated around a combination of seamless integration between two separate architectures. The first one serves the processing heavy-weight transactions and smart contracts while the other focuses on high-frequency nano-transactions between IoT devices.
  • XAP – XENIRO Automation Platform: an integrated and open-source platform that supports the development and execution of decentralized applications (dApps). XAP empowers End-Users to orchestrate and automate the transactions between devices by leveraging the MEC infrastructure.
  • XAD – XENIRO’s ASIC Chip: embedded as part of the MEC server architecture, it provides additional computational resources for performance acceleration. This offers a trusted environment for data processing, adding privacy and security through advanced encryption.
Why is XENIRO different from other IoT-focused DLT projects?
XENIRO is designed as an End-to-End solution, fully tailored to Operators’ 5G + MEC infrastructure and applying the most stringent standards in terms of security, scalability and stability.

XENIRO is the first player in the industry to deploy DLT on Operators’ Edge infrastructure. This unleashes the potential of 5G + MEC and lays foundation for a fully distributed and scalable IoT architecture.