One sentence disciption about FAQ
Who we are
Founded in 2018, XENIRO is an international start-up that develops a decentralized marketplace and a platform for 3rd party developers to deploy and run low-latency applications seamlessly. XENIRO’s solution resides inside [mobile operators’] Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) servers and integrates Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to facilitate the secure exchange, access and use of data at the network edge

XENIRO’s edge fusion platform unleashes tremendous opportunities for a new breed of Big Data, IoT & Artificial Intelligence applications to be built at the edge, along with new services & business models

What is XENIRO trying to solve
In the new digital era, the bulk of the data we create will be processed at the edge, well outside of traditional data centers. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of data will be created at the edge, up from 40% today. This new paradigm, however, involves a set of challenges including:

  • Proliferation of IoT devices: their number is expected to reach 50 billion+ by 2025, outnumbering human population by 8-1. However, interoperability between these devices is posting a big challenge due to heterogeneous communication protocols & low security standards, often resulting in data silos
  • Fragmented edge cloud infrastructure: not every device is connected to the same edge provider, and not all edge providers are placed appropriately to deliver on the promised benefits. Furthermore, there are no interoperable edge stacks available today that can work together seamlessly

XENIRO introduces a decentralized platform leveraging DLT as a path forward to enabling applications to be deployed across the edge network and introducing new security standards for MEC-enabled M2M interactions

How does XENIRO empower Mobile Operators/Edge Cloud Providers
XENIRO’s DLT-based platform allows Mobile Operators/Edge Cloud Providers to run nodes through multiple edge server locations and offer a new range of services (DLT-enabled identification, smart-contracts, transactions, data storage) for enterprise users

As node validators, Mobile Operators & Edge Cloud Providers participate in curating a new ecosystem of DApps (Decentralized Applications) at the 5G edge, leading the digital transformation & contributing in redefining industry standards
How does the XENIRO solution empower Enterprises & Developers
The XENIRO platform offers an open-source development environment and an SDK to support developers in building edge decentralized applications (dApps) on top of Operators’ MEC infrastructure

For Developers:

  • MEC provides a new ecosystem and value chain. Operators can open their edge resources & provide node services to authorized third-parties, allowing them to flexibly and rapidly deploy innovative applications and services towards subscribers, enterprises and vertical segments

For Enterprises:

The key benefits of using XENIRO’s 5G + MEC + DLT solution:

  • High level of Trust among participants (Security, Identity and Privacy)
  • Improved Quality of Services (Device Interaction, Transaction, Performance, QoS)
  • Seamless User-Experience (Real-time, Tactile, Customized)
  • Transformation (Monetization, New Ecosystem, Industry collaboration, Standardization) in this next wave of technology evolution

What does the XENIRO solution consist of
The XENIRO solution is unique, a first in the industry that is focused on 3 integrated domains:

  • SnapScale Ledger: Distributed Ledger (blockchain) that enables peer-to-peer Identification, Smart contracts, Service transactions & Distributed storage. It is deployed through Mobile Operators/Edge Cloud Providers’ edge nodes and enables trusted data reconciliation across different infrastructures, platforms and devices.
  • Hyzen Platform: Container-based infrastructure for edge implementations through scalability, management & orchestration of low-latency Edge Apps / Decentralized Applications (DApps). Hyzen is a new generation platform designed & optimized for Cloud 2.0.
  • Triden Firmware: A FPGA Firmware that is deployed in the MEC server and is critical in addressing performance acceleration, security & privacy challenges of edge & DLT applications.