About Us

Incubating the Next Generation Networks

XENIRO aims to become the leading Distributed Ledger Technology consortium serving global Mobile Network Operators. XENIRO’s solution enables a new level of trust, fostering value through the democratization of 5G and the Internet of Things.

Our Vision

To empower mobile operators in redefining innovation and monetization at 5G edge.

Utilize Mobile Network Operators’ 5G Infrastructure.

Apply Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)/Blockchain as the back bone.

Unleash IoT’s potential and create value for billions of connected devices in Industry 4.0.

Technology Proposition


Hybrid Distributed Ledger

  • Delegated Proof of Stake
  • Direct Acyclic Graph
  • Two Way Peg

A hybrid DLT that combines both a graph and a block structure, governed by a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) machine consensus. An impeccable solution that guides IoT-intended transactions within the SnapScale DLT and instructs its proceeding through an architecture that is optimized for algorithmic speed and scale in nature.


XENIRO Automation Platform

  • Containerization
  • Platform Orchestration
  • Smart Policy Engine

A sophisticated Decentralized App engine framework that is deployed at the MEC, through a microservice architecture collaborating with SnapScale DLT. Automating the orchestration and execution of programmable smart contracts, where logic and states are distributed over MECs’ wide scale infrastructure.


XENIRO Acceleration Device

  • Secure Encryption
  • Zero-Knowledge Proof
  • Performance Boost

ORDOS ASIC boasts three core computational capabilities embedded in MEC, creating a lightweight SnapScale DLT through:

Expediting performance boost
Zero Knowledge Proof Privacy protection
Fortified security authentication

Powerful Combination

Mobile Network Operators + DLT + IoT
While the number of connected devices is growing exponentially, the IoT’s potential is yet to be unleashed through MNOs’ heterogeneous 5G infrastructure.

The IoT industry is ripe for the next major wave of disruption through Decentralized applications within a disciplined architecture. By inserting DLT capability into the equation, XENIRO is spawning a new ecosystem built upon unprecedented levels of trust, transparency and integrity. An immensely powerful combination!

The Ecosystem

XENIRO Consortium Foundation

To create an “Open” & “Collaborative” environment for Mobile Network Operators, Enterprises & Developers to contribute towards the development and promotion of DLT in the 5G ecosystem.
With the aim of defining new sets of DLT protocols and standards that is “Secure”,“Scalable”and “Decentralized” in monetizing from this capability.

Use Cases


Power Plant Utility Provider automates transactions on the ledger between B and C through smart contracts on XENIRO SnapScale DLT.


Vehicle to EV Charging automates smart contract through nearby 5G MEC nodes.


Drone to EV Charging automates smart contracts through nearby 5G MEC nodes.

The Philosophy

X- 1

Xeniro Roadmap

The Road to Nirvana

Q4 2018

Whitepaper X-I Release

Q1 2019

Milestone 2

XAP Prototyping
Ecosystem Development
Mobile Network Operator on-boarding program

Q2 2019

Milestone 3

Mobile Network Operator Use Case & Interoperability Testing
SnapScale Initial Alpha Release

Q3 2019

Milestone 4

Mobile Network Operator MEC Field Trial
ORDOS Prototyping

Q4 2019

Milestone 5

TestNet Live
SnapScale V1 Release

Q1 2020

Milestone 6

X-II Whitepaper Release
ORDOS Release

Q2 2020

Milestone 7

MainNet Live


Xeniro DNA

Enshen Huang

Founder & CEO

20+ Years experience in IT, Cloud & Telecom. Ericsson AB domain expert in 5G, Distributed Cloud and NFV. A Blockchain enthusiast. Specialize in Consulting, Business & Solutions Development, Management & Operations. CEIBS EMBA graduate.

Max Yang


8 years experience in automotive industry. Cross-functional expertise in engineering, SCM and operations management. Fast learner always passionate about tech and innovation. Highly motivated entrepreneur with out-of-the-box thinking. Rich experience in managing cross-culture collaboration. CEIBS MBA graduate.

Kris Peng

VP Core Architecture

15+ Years experience in HPC and distributed systems. 10+Years experience in Cloud and IIoT. Holds a MSc in National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan).

Liang Ma

VP HW & Chip Development

20 Years experience in semiconductor and communication industry. Former veteran with Marvell, MediaTek and Analog Devices. Holds MSEE in UESTC and never stops learning.

Michael Huang

Technical Director

19+ years experience in SW research & development industry. Expertise in consortium blockchain solutions. DevOps, Containerization and Automation Evangelist. Former HPE R&D IT Director

Clement Gallet

Head of Business Development

5+ Years experience in blockchain, tech start-ups and consulting. Holds an MSc in Management from ESSEC (France) in economics and mathematics. Interest in developing high-performing solutions.


Board of Advisors


Guy Olivier Faure

World-renowned expert in Negotiation, Management & International Relations. Engaged in research & consulting activities with global organizations (UN, EU, WTO) and Fortune 500 companies (AT&T, GE, China Telecom).


Ted Chwu

Partner at international technology law firm Bird & Bird LLP where he co-heads their Technology & Communication practice. Ted brings over 20 years of global IP protection and monetization expertise.


Thought Leadership Series